The science is in. To prove any theory you want that is. A couple of hours on the internet and I could prove to you the benefits of either a plant-based diet or animal inclusive diet, with many studies and citations for each. But hey, I’m not trying to start a religion here. So why would you believe me, or anyone else for that matter? Does a white lab coat equate to an automatic knowledge of everything there is to know?

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Of course not. And of course any professional who has specialized in a particular field will be more knowledgeable in that field than most others. Acknowledging this, we can assume that a scientist studying the benefits of an animal inclusive diet would be most familiar with those related benefits, and vice-versa.

Okay, we’ve established that it is most likely that any one person may not have all the answers. We’ve also decided to go out on a limb and speculate that we may not be able to come to accurate conclusions with on-line research alone. How do we sift the Truth from the misinformation and lies?

Plant-Based Diet Myths

Before I try to coax you into giving plant-based a try, let’s take a look at some of the funny things people assume about a vegan diet.

Myth 1. Vegans only eat salad.

If rabbits eat spaghetti and meatballs, pizza, poutine, tacos, burgers and amazing desserts, than yeah, I guess I eat like a rabbit.

Myth 2. You can’t get enough protein.

Most vegans actually consume more protein than required and much more than the average meat-eater. Many of the plant-based meals on this website are extremely high in protein. Check it out!

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Myth 3. Plant-based food is gross.

Anything is further from the truth. Again, check it out. In fact, isn’t dead animal flesh kind of gross? Even many meat consumers do not like preparing flesh. Your food will taste like what you season it with. Quality ingredients are what makes tasty food, plant-based or otherwise.

Plant-Based Diet Experimentation

The best way to determine the validity of a claim is to test it for yourself. This is the basis of the scientific method and the missing link in many peoples personal research. How can you come to an accurate conclusion if you do not give it a shot for yourself? Just think of it as replacing tasty food with other tasty food to see if you feel an improvement. What have you got to loose… A few pounds?

I challenge the omnivores out there to make themselves 3 plant-based meals per week for 12 weeks. Choose dishes that are appealing to you and go out of your way to prepare delicious meals. Maybe give some vegan snacks and desserts a try while you’re at it! If you end up not liking the change and eating animals is your thing, you’ve lost nothing and had the privilege of trying some new dishes you may not have otherwise.

On the other hand, if you notice any benefits and enjoy the change of pace, why stop there? Take it a little further and see how you feel. In my experience the benefits far outweigh any losses. After all, are you really loosing anything by eating different food? Of course not! Give plant-based a try. You’ve done what you’ve been doing your whole life. How can you know what you prefer if you never give it a shot?

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