Many studies have been published siting the various EMF health risks we face daily. Modern technology has exposed us to levels of electromagnetic and radio frequency radiation that damages our bodies. Governments are about as concerned with the health risks as the corporations. Where does that leave the average person?

Take your health and safety into your own hands and do your own research. This post provides you with a general outline of the effects and symptoms of EMF & RF exposure and links to some reference material. Many people are religious and dogmatic when it comes to issues of concern. Believing is a trap. Research, understand and use wisdom to act!

Studies on EMF health risks

WiFi health risks

The EMF health risks that have been documented and published are astounding. In his report titled ‘WiFi is an important threat to human health’, Martin Pall, B.A., Ph.D., says the effects can include all of the following;

Be sure to follow the links and try to understand the significance of these effects. Dr Pall sites between 2 to 11 studies for each effect. DR. Martin Pall’s field of expertise is Molecular Bio-sciences.

5G Health Risks

5G risks are outlined in detail by Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D., Director of the Center for Family and Community Health & School of Public Health, U of C. In his report titled ‘5G Wireless Technology: Is 5G Harmful to Our Health?’ Dr. Moskowitz goes into great detail of the EMF health risks related to 5G.

Statements such as: The World Health Organization, as well as many others, have played a roll …”in paving the way for the deployment of 5G without regard to health consequences.” and “Although 5G technology may have many unimagined uses and benefits, it is also increasingly clear that significant negative consequences to human health and ecosystems could occur if it is widely adopted.” give you an idea of the implications.

His report sites the following effects;

  • Oxidative stress
  • Acute and chronic diseases
  • Metabolic and neurological effects
  • Cancer risks

And many more. He gets into how the human skin acts like an antenna for EMF and RF radiation and all sorts of other great stuff. This quote sums it up;

“…findings seem sufficient to demonstrate the existence of biomedical effects, to invoke the precautionary principle…”

Dr. Moskowitz

His report links to tons of information. Doctors and scientists everywhere are speaking out on this issue. Will we heed their warnings?

Mitigating EMF & RF health risks

The infrastructure for this damaging tech is getting installed as we speak. Like it or not, we are responsible for our own health and safety. Here are a few tips to reduce your exposure and protect yourself.

  • Stop using WiFi It sounds inconvenient but it only takes a few days to get used to. Run a couple wired connections and you’ll hardly notice the difference. Be sure to go into your router settings and turn off the WiFi. It will not stop transmitting just because you have plugged in an Ethernet cable.
  • Do not use WiFi on your phone When not in use your phone only transmits intermittently and at levels less dangerous than WiFi. When the WiFi on your device is on it will constantly be transmitting & receiving.
  • Stop using smartphones & tablets These devices are some of the worse out there. Go into you device settings, then to info, then to safety or legal. It is recommended by the manufacturer to limit your contact with these devices. Hmm, must be safe. Low radiation phones are available for very cheap.
  • Be selective when choosing to rent or buy Some properties or locations are more at risk for exposure. Densely populated areas and apartment buildings are packed full of routers and phones. Properties near towers, power stations or power lines are risky. On row housing there will typically be a bank of “smart meters” on one end unit. Wouldn’t want to live there.

Symptoms of exposure and sensitivity

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Depression / suicidal thoughts
  • A general “bad” feeling
  • Insomnia
  • Increased heart rate
  • Anxiety
  • Muscle / joint pain
  • Cancer & diseases and their related symptoms
  • Alzheimer’s type psychological effects
  • Burning / tingling skin
  • Heating up of tissues and organs

The list is almost limitless. I have done enough research to know that several factors are involved which determine the effects of radiation on a living organism. These variables include frequency, pulse-rate, upload or download wave direction, polarity, distance, wave structure and several other technical factors.

The radiation we are currently exposed to is damaging our bodies. This is a fact.

Save your health & your dollar

In closing, I would just like to state that implementing the above suggestions will not only save your health, it can save you dollars. Powerful WiFi routers and smartphones are expensive. Properties just outside metros are cheaper to rent and buy. We are not only consenting to being bombarded with damaging radiation, it seems like we are funding it. Speak with your dollar and boycott 5G and smart-tech.

If you are concerned with your exposure levels and would like a professional evaluation in your living or working environment, check out our EMF Detective services. Available in Kelowna / Vernon, BC & Edmonton, AB. Check out our affiliate shop for great suggestions on products for reducing exposure.

‘The Body Electric’ is a great book and an easy read to get you informed on the role EMF and RF frequency plays in our physiology. This book outlines many of the risks of exposure and the problems within the scientific community.

-EMF Detective

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