Clean drinking water is essential to the survival and growth of all life here on Earth. Unfortunately, the “Powers that shouldn’t be” think otherwise. Our cities “treat” our drinking water with harmful chemicals and even independently collected water is most likely contaminated as our skies are being sprayed with toxic chemicals daily. We use chemically derived fertilizers on our farms and think it’s okay to dump our waste and garbage in the open water systems. Does this sound clean? Why is this still going on?! What am I going to do about it?!

City tap water usually originates from a natural source such as a river or lake. It then goes through a filtering system followed by a chemical “treatment” before distribution to the public.

All major cities disclose their treatment processes and chemicals used on the service providers’ website. All chemicals have a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) that is accessible online and easy to understand. Simply type the name of the chemical followed by MSDS on your search engine.

How can we truly be healthy or even think clearly if we are constantly consuming these chemicals all day every day? Clean water not only hydrates and nourishes our bodies but it detoxifies our insides and cleans our outsides. It sustains our crops and cleanses our earth.

After actualizing these statistics, I purchased a simple EC Meter to test the amount of dissolved solids in my water. Results were above 250 ppm. Results may vary depending on the area in which you reside. Many experts recommend PPM’s at or below 50 to be considered safe for drinking. Following these findings, I purchased a Reverse Osmosis System. The amount of dissolved solids was reduced to a level of 5 ppm.

There are many ways to clean your drinking water. I chose to purchase an R.O. System. (This is the one I installed.) There are distillation systems and other options as well. The improvement and sustainability of yours and your families health is too important to neglect. Empower yourself with knowledge!

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