If you have a beard and you haven’t tried beard oil aromatherapy, you better step up your game. After all, beards are good for more than catching food that would otherwise hit your shirt.

Making Beard Oil

Making your own beard oil is super easy. Just choose a scentless cold-pressed oil for your base and add essentials as you see fit. You can make a blend of oils for your base as well. I use a grape-seed and coconut oil blend but have used many others. Feel free to experiment!

I find it handy to have your base oil scentless for storage, allowing you to mix in whatever suits you at the time. I am getting over a stuffy nose – 4 or 5 drops of base oil with a drop of eucalyptus goes a long way!

Scents For Beard Oil Aromatherapy

The options and combinations are literally endless. Try these suggestions and come up with you own!

  • Lavender for a good nights sleep or to relax
  • Spice Blends such clove and cinnamon. Nice in winter
  • Woods such as cedar-wood great for a manly outdoorsy smell

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Grab Some Essential Oils

You can spend all day searching for oils or support our blog and use this affiliate link to get you going with a great starter pack.

Aromatherapy Starter Pack

There’s even a couple you can toss to the girlfriend. Feel free to shop around and blend your own as well!

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